Wild weather...

The weather today was absolutely wild with high winds and very heavy rain. It really put a dampener on the outdoor activities activities. Despite decent waterproof clothing, it was not nice being out in it, so it was a case of getting home and staying in for the rest of the day. Besides, it game me a good excuse to spend the afternoon in the kitchen being creative, assisted by a glass or two of fermented grape juice!

Posted: Saturday 25th February 2017

Still not interested...

BT is very keen to sign up more customers to its BT TV service and sent me yet another glossy brochure trying to entice me into taking one of the packages on offer. However, as I have said previously, it is not worth paying the amount they want for an additional two or three channels. When you consider that I currently have 134 channels on Freeview now, and even taking in to account the number of "plus one" or "plus 24" channels that still is just on 100 different channels. I can only watch one at a time anyway and besides, most of the content is repeats. Add to that the various catch up services and there is no shortage of choice. So if you do not want to pay for the exclusive stuff, such as the sports channels, then there is no point is paying extra for something you can already get.

Posted: Friday 24th February 2017


We got hit by the edge of storm Doris today and whilst much of the country was covered by snow, we missed the worst of it in Glasgow. We got the snow, but it melted almost as soon as it landed. We also got heavy rain, hail and sleet too, all driven by a high wind. My wet weather outfit certainly had to work this morning, but the storm had passed by the afternoon and it was actually quite nice heading home.

Posted: Thursday 23rd February 2017

Telephone survey...

This morning, I got a call from one of the opinion poll companies seeking views on how I would vote if there was another Scottish Independence referendum and how I would vote with regard to leaving the EU if there was another chance to do so. I don't think the person on the other end of the line was too amused when I pointed out we live in a democracy and the people had made their choices in the recent referendums and for democracy to work, these choices have to be respected. Besides, the questions being asked on how I voted and would vote are nothing to do with anyone else and I declined to answer these. It appears that this opinion poll had been commissioned by STV for a forthcoming programme. Well everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I'm keeping mine to myself and not sharing it with STV or anyone else!

Posted: Monday 20th February 2017

Dull and damp...

It was a very dull and drizzly day and although I had headed down to Greenock to see an interesting ship arrive, the light or rather lack of it made it interesting getting a decent photograph, particularly through the slight mist that was hanging around. After taking a couple of photographs, I headed off to the supermarket for the weekly shopping, and then headed home, opting to spend the afternoon catching up on the reading.

Posted: Saturday 18th February 2017

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